Almost 30 years ago, Willy Pardo started selling exotic

and tropical produce from the back of his truck in Miami to neighbors who wanted items that were staples of their diets but not always easy to find in supermarkets. Now WP Produce has grown into a full-line purveyor of tropical and exotic items, has recently expanded its lineup to include more common commodities, including an organics line.

WP has stayed true to its mission of providing premium quality in both service and product. Our

success is attributed to the many years the company has worked to refine strong and constant partnership with growers and customers.


WP Produce continues to be family owned and operated. Willy Pardo’s, daughter, Desiree P. Morales, Vice President and his nephew, Christopher Paul Gonzalez, Vice President of Sales, are focused on expansion of their Desbry® branded produce, product line diversity and innovative packaging.  


WP Produce Family at a Farm