WP Produce Bringing Tropical Avocados to PMA Fresh Summit

MIAMI, FL - Tropical avocados—also known as green skins—may not be well-known, but WP Produce, the largest importer and seller of tropical avocados from the Dominican Republic, sold under the Desbry brand, is working to change that.

WP Produce Debuts Refreshed Desbry® Logo

December 08, 2019

MIAMI, FL - Though the winds of winter are nipping at our heels, there are some out there who are devoted to bringing a taste of the tropics to the produce aisle, no matter what the season. Family-owned grower-packer-shipper WP Produce is proud to announce a strong start to its high season for tropical avocados from the Dominican Republic. The company sources its avocados from exceptional growing regions around the world to ensure year-round availability and high-quality produce. As if that wasn't enough, WP Produce's Desbry® brand has donned a snazzy new look that is sure to turn heads.

WP Produce debuts worker welfare program

November 05, 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Miami, FL (November 5, 2019) — WP Produce BB #:143203, a family-owned, grower-packer-shipper of Desbry® tropical produce has announced a strong start to their high season for tropical avocados from the Dominican Republic. Available year-round, the fruit’s high season runs from mid-October through mid-May, with additional supply from Florida available from June through December. The company anticipates increased volumes overall, with exceptionally promotable quantities available from November through January.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Hazel Tech partners with WP Produce on avocados

Dominican Republic avocado company WP Produce is adding packets from Hazel Technologies to cartons. The packets add to the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. ( Courtesy Hazel Technologies )

Chicago-based Hazel Technologies Inc. has partnered with Dominican Republic avocado exporter WP Produce to use the post-harvest technology on Desbry brand avocados shipped to U.S. markets.

Before commercial introduction, more than a year of research was conducted in the WP Produce supply chain, according to a news release, with fruit originating from Florida and the Dominican Republic. 

WP Produce Debuts New Packaging for Desbry Avocados, Increasing Shelf Life By Up to 100%

Miami, FL — WP Produce, the largest U.S. importer and distributor of tropical avocados worldwide, announced significant improvements they have made to lengthen the shelf life of their Desbry avocados.

“Tropical avocados typically have a shelf life of 5-6 days,” said Christopher Gonzalez, vice president of sales at WP Produce. “With our new ventilated box designs and ethylene reduction technology, we’re looking at potentially doubling the shelf life by adding up to an additional 4-5 days of freshness.

Desbry tropical avocados from WP Produce are set for growth and a positive 2020 campaign

WP Produce, the Miami-based grower-packer-shipper of Desbry produce, has announced a strong start to its high season for tropical avocados from the Dominican Republic.

Available year-round, the fruit’s peak season runs from mid-October throug to mid-May, with additional supply from Florida available from June through December.

The company anticipates increased volumes overall, with "exceptionally promotable quantities" available from November through January.

WP Produce’s Desbry brand drives tropical fruit sales

April 12, 2018

As the United States population continues to diversify, so do consumers’ palates. With this diversification comes an increased curiosity for tropical fruits and vegetables. As with most other categories or industries, the higher quality product, the more interest people have in it.

WP Produce ups their Desbry Green skin avocado game

February 20, 2018

Green skin avocados are on the menu for W.P. Produce at this year’s Southern Exposure show, and attendees can have a tasting of the special item at Booth No. 145.

“We look forward to SEPC because it’s a chance for us to meet with many of our retailers and wholesalers that we currently do business with,” said Desiree Morales, vice president of the Miami-based company. “We also have the opportunity in showing our actual produce and packaging to potential customers.”

WP Produce says today tropicals satisfy consumers’ global palate

April 11, 2017

Miami, FL-based WP Produce Corp. specializes in green skin avocados, Haitian mangos, malanga, yuca, chayote, plantains, oriental items and more.


Vice President Desiree Pardo Morales said the company is currently moving its Desbry branded green skin avocados, malanga, calabaza and yucca.

WP Produce seeing the fruits of its labor

April 07, 2017

As a family-owned-and-operated company for the past 30 years, WP Produce is experienced in handling premium tropical fruits and roots packed in its Desbry brand. From Florida, it primarily sources Desbry Boniatos year-round and Desbry Mamey from April through September.

Innovation driving W.P. Produce

February 21, 2017

“It began with the removal of the import ban on certain products from Dominican Republic due to the Med-Fly,” said Desirée P. Morales, vice president of the Miami-based company. “This was extremely important to us since our most recognized Desbry brand produce is the Green-skin Avocado from Dominican Republic. We also added two new members to our team, Christopher Paul Gonzalez and Rudy Leon.” 

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